From landscapes to selfies. Why the Olympus Pen E-PM is ultimate travel camera.

The Ultimate

Phones these days are so great, you have an amazing camera in your pocket 24/7. But an iPhone is never going to replace a camera for my travelling pics.

Don’t get me wrong, iPhones will take perfectly good photos of landscapes, buildings, people, and selfies – but I don’t want good photos – I want great ones. I believe photos are really important on holidays, as important as keeping a diary/journal, your itinerary, tickets, and souvenirs that you buy… Actually, I’d rather have amazing photos to keep forever, in a box or on my walls (or blog) over a trinket you have to buy, carry and then dust when you get home!

My photo wall at home (bonus points if you can spot which photos are mine and which are the stock images that came in the frames) – I swear it doesn’t look so crooked on my wall!

My camera of choice has always been the Olympus Pen, I first bought the E-PM1 and am now on the E-PM8. I bought it in 2011 for around $400AUD and as I have updated the price has crept up around the $800 mark. I’ve also bought a few lens kits and accessories for it but they are relatively low-cost when you start looking at photography as a hobby. Olympus will update models every few years, which is good because it keeps the price of older models low. And because it wasn’t too expensive, I don’t have to be precious about asking someone to take a photo for me, or leaving it in my bag at hotels. I write this, but I was heartbroken when I dropped it on day 3 of our two month holiday in South East Asia. But let me talk a little more about why it’s soo good.

Photo from

I bought this model because I wanted higher quality images than the typical point-and-shoot camera (or phone) but I didn’t want to spend a load of money on a DSLR. The Olympus Pen E-PM1 came with a detachable flash (not pictured in the image above) and I lost it. Then I bought a new one for about $70 online. It came with two interchangeable lenses, a portrait-landscape and larger zoom lens. I the day I dropped my OG pen the portrait lense never really recovered. I have bought a pancake lense which is yet to arrive.

The portrait-landscape will be what most of my photos are taken on, I will use the zoom for shows or particularly packed attractions or when I’m taking sporting pics.

The  E-MP1 is super small too. To carry around I have an Alife Design ST-WRAP and it just pops into my handbag so easily (or hangs around my wrist).

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.15.16 pm

Here are a couple of photos I took this afternoon:

My little kitchen plants up close (yes my mint is pretty dead)
My backyard. I actually messed this photo up and didn’t realise until I uploaded it to see it HiRes. The auto-focus is so good that it’s focused on the dirt on my window and not the back yard – picture is ok still.

I also like to borrow Jono’s GoPro because we get some good photos from that – especially if you strap it to your dog.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been wondering what kind of camera to buy that is good for travel and your review helped a ton. I’ve got a new post up so be sure to check it out if you have time. XOXO


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