Phnom Penh

I hated Phnom Penh. From the plane ride there (spent ages on the runway, bumpy, the whole plane ride smelt strongly of burning plastic/ smoke that got stronger the longer we were on the plane) and the moment I stepped off the entire city smelt like a garbage tip. The tourism highlights of Phnom Penh are the artifacts from the Cambodian Genocide. While this made for an incredibly moving visit, it was absolutely not enjoyable in the slightest. Most of my day was spent in tears. The last point to make in addition to all of this our friend was robbed after a night out – where someone saw him using his iphone in the nightclub  – this ended in him taking a machete to the throat. The remainder of our night was spent in hospital.
Killing Fields of Choeung Ek

In the late 70s the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, detained and killed over 17,000 innocent and defenceless men women and children. This happened at an extermination camp called Choeung Ek.


Most people who were died at the Killing Fields were bound and blindfolded, buried in the pits where they were murdered. The remains of 8985 people were exhumed in 1980 and catalogued, the communal graves remain there today. You can join a tour or take an audio tour to hear the stories by those who survived the Khmer Rouge. The audio tour also had an account from an executioner on the techniques they used to kill.



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