7 days in Hawaii – Day 2

Koko Head, Seal and Shrimp

First stop this morning was Koko Head. Danni and John really wanted to do diamond head but Jono and I agreed that it wouldn’t cut it for their first activity (we did do it later) so we did Koko Head instead. Here we are all smiles at the start.

It’s a serious slog! John thinks he got to the top in 20 minutes but we all thought it was closer to 30 but he punched it out really quickly. I didn’t check the time we got up but we did the up and down (and photos at the top) in 80 minutes. I strongly recommend doing this with two functional meniscus because my climb down as SLLOOOWW. But how worth it were the views.

We kept on driving to make our way to Giovanni’s shrimp on the north shore. But John was ultra hungry so we went to a random Japanese Sushi place (that I’ll find the name of later) and had THE BEST sushi ever.

Stopping off at the beautiful palm tree over the ocean, we also saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal sleeping!

There are only 1500 of the seals in the wild and they are protected so well with these little fences so tourists like us don’t bother them (which I really wanted to do because it was so cute)

After getting to Giovanni’s we went back to Waikiki stopping off at a few wedding venues we wanted to look at that we really didn’t like. I also wanted to stop at the botanical gardens but it was closed for filming as well. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach and then got Mexican for dinner at the international marketplace it was 11/10. I’ll find the name of this one later too.


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