7 Days in Hawaii – Day 2

Pearl Harbor, Poke, Two Hikes, One Beer

Started the day with a Liliha Bakery brekkie. I got custard waffles.

Danni and John went to Pearl Harbor this morning and Jono and I aimed to go for a hike to a Waikato Falls but unfortunately we did not make it in time to turn around, it was so slippery and wet there was literally ropes to hold on so you didn’t slip off the ridge. It was steep and muddy and we could hear the waterfall the entire time so we were disappointed that we didn’t make it.

After we picked them up from Pearl Harbour we went to Walmart and bought some really cheap clothes, souvenirs and snorkels. Then we went to Poke on Da Run for lunch and again, it was 11/10 good (but doesn’t look like much on the outside).

Then we went to Diamond Head and back to Waikiki for dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House and omg it’s the best steak there and we even got a strawberry flambé. Yum. Finished the night with “one drink” at the yard house downstairs and it was a time. While we waited we went to the art gallery that has some really cool pieces like Picasso, Rembrandt, Dali, Peter Max. The Yardhouse also had little iPads to play trivia on your table and competitive us had to play every single topic before we left so we ended up pretty drunk.


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