7 Days in Hawaii – Day 3

Electric Beach and not much else!

Ok so electric beach is our favourite snorkelling spot for a few reasons: it’s in the industrial area so it’s dead (the beach is empty empty but it’s still so pretty) and it’s where the electricity plant pumps their warm water so the fish and turtles froth the reef around here. But it is also fully open ocean, even though it’s pretty flat its a reasonable hard swim out and back (some clever company also has a boat out to get to the reef) but its only like 200m out and if you have flippers it’s easy and smooth snorkelling to see some good stuff. We saw a turtle and when we were leaving we started talking to a guy who told us he saw dolphins “yeah it was a pretty cruisey 2 mile swim that-a-way” 2 MILES! Wow. Nahhh – we wouldn’t make that mate.

We then went to sharks cove which was super busy and full of people, it’s rocky to get out so you have to wear your shoes out into the ocean but there are still some cool things to see and good food close by. I got fish tacos and a chocolate dipped cheesecake as well as a fresh pineapple juice in a pineapple!

We then went back into town to Ala Moana to have a look at the shops and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, Mai Tais is also here and of course the boys wanted to go back there the next day!


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