Brought onto the earth in 1993 – I’ve been getting around, talking tall tales and divulging in dessert just about ever since.

Between then and now I’ve managed to get through university, go on some amazing holidays, land a few kick-ass jobs and acquire some material possessions to spark joy and fill a sweet little house in Goulburn, Australia.


In my life I’ve also got two good boys named Jono and Atlas – although both are large, hairy, easily excited, animals that like to piss outside – the former is my long term boyfriend who has joined me on a few adventures.

Only Jono, my Mum and a “lucky” few friends have been my captive audience for my travel pics, beauty tips, dessert bucket list and other life aspirations up until now… But I really just started this blog because I wanted somewhere beyond the realms of regular social media to document my many travels.

I figured that I’m always buying something new, discovering a good online store or planning the next trip, so why not write about it?

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  1. Marley says:

    Make that 2. Go Peg!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mrapplep says:

      Now it’s another ‘thing’ I have to learn to use! I can’t keep up with you all!


      1. You don’t! You’ll get an email when I post so you can just read it by visiting the homepage – it’s easy. But I see you’ve gotten an account anyway 😛


  2. Megan says:

    Go Peg!


    1. Thanks Mum. 👍🏼


    2. Glad I’ve got one fan 😂


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